Air Purifier vs HVAC Filter

Proper ventilation is one of the most important steps you can take towards improving the health of your family since there are air pollutants throughout your entire home. It is a common misconception to consider the air filter inside a home's heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (also known as an HVAC) to be a more affordable and effective way at filtering your air.

Why Your HVAC Air Filter Isn't Enough

The truth is that your HVAC air filter is not enough.

Your HVAC air filter cannot solely be depended upon to provide proper filtration for your home. An HVAC delivers either warm or cool air throughout your home; consequently, while the HVAC system is working hard to regulate airflow and temperature, its air filter has only a limited reach. HVAC air filters are made to trap larger particles as air passes through the unit's main ventilation area, missing smaller particles and leaving large amounts of air unclean.

An air purifier is the safest, most sophisticated and effective air purification technology available.

An air purifier is capable of targeting smaller particles, unlike HVAC air filters.Up to 99.97% of allergens, dust, mold and other particles, like smoke and odors, can be removed by an air purifier. While our air quality experts recommend using an HVAC air filter, they agree that an HVAC air filter alone provides inadequate filtration. This is due to the limited range and coverage of an HVAC air filter. An air purifier can be used to target specific areas in your home where allergens and other particles are more prevalent, like living rooms and bedrooms.

Just like an HVAC air filter, most high-efficiency air purifiers utilize HEPA style technology, but with more efficiency. If HVAC air filters used as much HEPA style material as an air purifier, it would restrict air flow in your home, causing abnormal wear on your HVAC's motor, resulting in higher maintenance costs. Air purifiers are designed with unique air flow, maximizing the use of HEPA style technology. Using an air purifier requires little energy to run and less maintenance than a HVAC filter. Unlike HVAC air filters which come in several sizes and are a struggle to find, air purifier filters are simple to change and readily available.

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