Air Purifiers Best for Seattle

Air Purifiers Best For Seattle

There are many various forms of air pollution that negatively affect the health and quality of life of Seattle residents.

The effects of air pollutants upon the people in Seattle are different depending upon the type of pollutant and its source. Pollutants can come from motor vehicles, diesel exhaust, and natural sources.

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What is Air Quality Index?

The AQI is an index for reporting daily air quality. It tells you how clean or polluted your air is, and what associated health effects might be a concern for you. The AQI focuses on health effects you may experience within a few hours or days after breathing polluted air. EPA calculates the AQI for five major air pollutants regulated by the Clean Air Act: ground-level ozone, particle pollution (also known as particulate matter), carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. For each of these pollutants, EPA has established national air quality standards to protect public health .Ground-level ozone and airborne particles are the two pollutants that pose the greatest threat to human health in this country.

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Alen BreatheSmart
with Espresso Panel


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Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-OdorCell Filter


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Honeywell 50150-N HEPA Air Purifier


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Alen Paralda Tower HEPA Air Purifier


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Alen BreatheSmart with Espresso Panel

" I've had allergies all my life and my nose is stuffed up constantly...I really mean ALWAYS. I also have a dog and live in a 100 year old house, so there is lots of dust. Well, I broke down after reading reviews on the Alen BreatheSmart and decided to invest in it. OMG! I plugged it in and turned it to auto and let it go....I woke up the next morning with a clear nose for the first time in decades (possibly my entire life)! I also felt rested (I have trouble sleeping with a stuffed up nose)...I have also noticed a HUGE reduction in dust on the surface of my furniture, so know it is filtering that out of the air. I have had the unit for about a week now and am wondering why it took me so long to purchase one?! I have now been able to breathe through my nose for a whole week...amazing! My eyes are also not itching, so the allergens are also being sucked out of the air. My mom has emphysema, allergies and now asthma and has been having nasal and breathing issues (she lives in dusty high plains Colorado). I just ordered her 2 Alen Paralda's - one for her bedroom and one for the main part of the house. I'm hoping these help her as much as they have me! "

Anonymous :: Seattle, WA

Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-OdorCell

" I bought 2 originally for part of my staff and not really sure if it's working well but wanted something quiet and this did the job. I just placed an orde for another two since my other employees wanted cleaner air. It seems to be doing well but not sure , if I notice the difference yet. Looking for something quiet which this is extremely quiet so I gave 4 stars and looking to receive another two... Should have waited for a discount."

Jae :: Bellevue, WA

Honeywell 50150

" I am highly allergic to many things including pet dander and I am asthmatic. However, despite my allergies, my family decided that we wanted to adopt a kitten. I suffered with symptoms for a week and then decided to purchase a true HEPA air filter. The Honeywell 50250N’s performance is beyond my expectations and hopes. This was the best purchase for our household and I would not be able to own a pet without it."

Cheri T. :: Washington

Alen Paralda

" I am using the purifers in my bedroom and living room to help control my allergies. Very user friendly, nice looking and the first thing I noticed was there was hardly any dust in those two rooms. I chose this purifer not on cost but on performance. You usually get what you pay for. I don't find the little noise it puts out offensive or difficult to hear the TV or others talking. The highest setting does make noise but I don't mind it and usually don't leave it on that setting for any length of time. I am very satisfied.“"

Maddie :: Seattle, WA

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