Air Purifiers for COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a disease that afflicts millions of people and directly causes hundreds of thousands of deaths per year.  The CDC rates it as the number 3 leading cause of death in America.

COPD illnesses

COPD is often characterized by two different respiratory illnesses: Emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

  • Emphysema: Results in reduced lung capacity and shortness of breath. Also includes coughing and wheezing.
  • Chronic Bronchitis: Inflammation of the bronchial tubes and excessive mucous which leads to persistent coughing.

Both of these illnesses are characterized by reduced lung capacity and shortness of breath.While COPD and these associated illnesses often affect smokers, COPD is not limited to smokers alone.  Many non-smokers who have been exposed to secondhand smoke can develop COPD.


For the most part, those who are looking at COPD in hopes of finding relief are already past the point in which prevention tips are going to prove beneficial. However it is worth reiterating. Quitting smoking is the number one method of prevention for COPD and quitting smoking is an essential part of treatment in smokers experiencing a lot of coughing or some of the early symptoms of COPD.

Common Treatments

The American Lung Association lists many common treatments for COPD and increasing your quality of life. Some of the more common ones include:

  • Medications- Many medications commonly used to treat Asthma are also used to open up the airway to improve breathing in COPD suffers. These include Bronchodilators, to relax the muscles, and anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and mucus production.
  • Oxygen- When lung capacity is significantly diminished, it makes it difficult for your body to get enough oxygen. Using supplemental oxygen is often required for severe sufferers of COPD.

Protecting Others

In addition to quitting smoking, protecting others from the effects of cigarette smoke is essential for helping them avoid the painful consequences of COPD.  This is especially true for children and babies, whose developing lungs can be much more susceptible to the harmful effects of cigarette smoke.

Additional Recommended Treatments - Air Purifiers

Millions of people suffer from allergies and asthma.  Just because a loved one develops chronic coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing from COPD does not mean that their seasonal allergies or asthma are no longer a threat; instead, they are even more agonizing.  Combined with COPD, allergies and asthma can be even more life threatening.  Therefore, it is essential for COPD suffers to reduce their exposure to airborne allergens and chemicals that can further aggravate their sensitive respiratory channels.

Air Purifiers America recommends that COPD sufferers use a premium air purifier that contains both a high quality HEPA filter to remove allergens, as well as a large volume of activated carbon to filter out chemicals and odors that may also prove irritating.

Air Purifier Requirements

  • HEPA Filter - Removes Airborne Allergens
  • Activated Carbon- Removes Chemicals/Odors

The majority of air purifiers found on our Best Air Purifiers for COPD page meet these recommended requirements.

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