Air Quality in Gyms

Man Lifting Weight

It's Not Just Sweaty Socks You're Smelling

Ahhhh...The heavy thud of iron barbells hitting the mat, victorious shouts of elite powerlifters pushing through their final rep, the humming whirrr of a spin class racing up the last hill, and the synchronized exhales of a yoga class sweeping into “downward dog” are a Mozart symphony in the music hall of gyms. When winter hits the streets, we strive to maintain our fitness in the protection of a warm, insulated gym. The warm air circulating through our gym is also circulating through our lungs, but unfortunately, our athleticism and long-term well-being may be suffering the consequences.

Man Lifting Weights

The Weight Room

Sumo squats and deadlifts get your heart rate pumping, but the flurry of activity stirs up the dust and fumes, including formaldehyde and chemicals released by cleaning products, paint and gym equipment, elevating your risk of heart disease.

Things You Can Do:

Be aware. Your body will be your best indicator if something is off.

Ask to open windows. By far the most effective way to clear air in a poorly ventilated room is to simply crack the windows for about 20 minutes. If you can get a good cross breeze, even a large room will be ventilated very rapidly. 


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The Aerobics Studio

When many people are packed into a small aerobics studio such as spinning class, airborne pollutants from your bodies, like evaporating sweat and "breakfast-taco-breath" are being exhaled by your neighboring classmate...and inhaled by you.

Things You Can Do:

Notice your studio environment. In this case, more space is better; it not only means more room to spread out but higher ceilings mean there is more air in the room in general.

If you're concerned about the air quality in your studio space, talk to your instructor about solutions, such as getting an air purifier for the room. In all likelihood, they are as concerned as you are with the air they are breathing, so having the conversation about what can be done is great first step!


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The Home Workout

Sometimes the gym is your living room floor or the treadmill in the basement. In that case, you can take a great deal more control over what you're breathing, even if your vigorous routine is kicking up dust and dander.

Things You Can Do:

What's the concern? Ask yourself what might be getting in the way of clean air during your workout. Is it dust or pollen? Is it mold or mildew in the basement? Keep in mind that indoor air sometimes has MORE concentrated allergens than outdoor air because of lack of circulation.

An air purifier. The right air purifier targeting your concern might work just the trick. It stands to reason, after all, that you would want your purest air for when your body is working its hardest! Identify your concern and target it effectively

Air Purifiers by Concern


What else can I do?

If you suffer from activity onset asthma or occupational asthma, you can take steps to remove triggers proactively with an air purifier. Exposure, even if asthma symptoms have abated, can cause recurrence of symptoms, so its smart to go on the offensive! Also, if your family has a history of allergies or asthma, you can be aware that not only your breathing is at risk, but also that of your children. In that case, it pays to be extra vigilant with your environment—especially those places where you are exercising.

In any case, keep those workouts going, and find ways to make that gym experience as safe and healthy as possible!

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