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Austin Air purifiers began when the company president set out to improve what specialists couldn’t, his wife’s quality of life. She suffered from respiratory difficulties from her youth that couldn’t be solved by medicine or change in diet and only responded to a change in environment. This lead to Austin Air creating the first air purifier that could emulate the cleanliness of a hospital room. Now Austin Air purifiers are one of the top choices by physicians worldwide and manufactured in the largest air cleaner facility in the United States at 480,000 square feet.

Each Austin Air purifier is put through extensive tests on gas, vapor, and sub-micron particle removal at one of the world’s top testing facilities, the U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center. Because of these tests, Austin Air was chosen to fulfill the largest deployment of air purifiers in history and was selected by FEMA to assist with the air quality concerns from 9/11 in New York.

Austin Air has one of the best warranties in the industry by offering you a five year warranty on air purifier materials and labor and an additional five year pro-rated warranty on filters. Air Purifiers America will also give you a 30 day satisfaction guarantee that allows you to return your purifier with no additional hassle. For questions and assistance on which Austin Air purifier is best for you, please call our customer service line at 1-800-630-2396.

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