Cold or Allergies?

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First Line of Defense

For either allergies or a cold, your first line of defense should be to capture the source of the symptomsbefore they get to you. Airborne allergens and germs can both be captured by a high quality HEPA air purifier, which makes them a great way to maintain clean air in your home. See our recommended air purifiers, below for allergies and for germs.

Your doctor or allergist may be able to help you pinpoint more specific causes of your symptoms. We recommend that you check in with them, and then call, chat or email to talk with our experts about a recommendation that will fit your home and your situation.


Air Purifiers are excellent at removing allergens such as dust, pollen, and mold from the air. See our collection of air purifiers designed for allergen removal.

Best Air Purifiers for Allergies





Air purifiers can't cure the common cold; however, using an air purifier with a high performance filter can capture the germs that cause colds, before they can get to you!

Best Air Purifiers for Germs


Silver Filters

Alen Silver Filters

Own an Alen Air Purifier? Go the extra mile against colds this winter by not only capturing microbes, but killing them, with Alen’s extra layer of antimicrobial treatment.

Alen Replacement Filters