Common Air Purifier Myths


Beyond Purified Air

When we recommend an air purifier, the expectation is that it will remove impurities from the air. What comes as a surprise to some is how they discover they love their air purifiers for some of the other, lesser known benefits. We uncover 5 of these extra perks, below.



Any HEPA air purifier can remove smoke from the air. In fact, it's a pretty neat trick to turn on an air purifier in a smoke-filled chamber to see the smoke disappear in a puff of, well, smoke. 

Some air purifiers take it even a step further though, and can help scrub the air of the smoke's ODOR. Not only is that a neat trick, but it means that your guilty pleasure won't linger.




We can't say it any better then those that have purchased air purifiers:

Room Fan


A lot of folks enjoy a fan for the obvious benefits of air circulation and the cooling effect. While some air purifiers are designed to minimize draft, others can give you directional air flow, that just happens to be purified.   

Sleep Better


If you happen to be one of those people that JUST CAN'T SLEEP with out the comforting throb of a ceiling fan or the humming from a white noise generator, then you'll love an air purifier. While air purifiers are actually great for sleep in more than one way, they can be the perfect bedroom companion is you just need the perfect background noise. 


Germ Trap


Did you know that a HEPA filter is capturing far smaller things than dust and pollen? In fact, HEPA filters can capture almost any airborne bacteria, and all but the very smallest of viruses. 

An air purifier with a large bed of activated carbon can absorb formaldehyde, and there are several units available, like the AllerAir F600, that include a specialized additive that specifically targets the noxious chemical. 

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Myth 1: An air purifier will magically solve all my breathing problems.

Myth 2: An air purifier creates ozone.

Myth 3: All air purifiers work more or less the same.

Myth 4: One air purifier will be enough for my whole house.

Myth 5: I got an air purifier. I'll never have to dust again!

Myth 6: All air purifiers remove chemicals and odors.