Comparison Chart – Air Purifiers for Multiple Concerns

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Are you a suffering pet lover with mold allergies? An allergy sufferer highly sensitive to all allergens and on a budget? Or how about an asthmatic who is triggered by a single whiff of dust, and fears the odors of environmental smoke? In any case, Air Purifiers America has a top-rated solution for you.

Product Price Allergies  Asthma Dust Odor Smoke  Mold Animal Dander Microbes Chemicals 
Alen BreatheSmart
Alen A350
Alen Paralda
AllerAir 5000 DS
Austin Air Allergy Machine
Alen T500
Alen A375
Austin Air Healthmate Plus
Honeywell 50250
AllerAir 5000 Exec
Austin Air Pet Machine

  = Units address concerns with alternative filter.
 = Customer Rating
 = Expert Rating