EnviroSept Air Filter Operating Instructions

IMPORTANT: This unit is designed to operate from a 24 volt AC supply. DO NOT CONNECT TO 110 VOLTS AC. Connecting the EnviroSept electronic air cleaner to a higher or lower voltage that specified may cause equipment damage and/or personal injury.

If your heating or cooling system uses a single one-inch thick throwaway type of cardboard and glass fiber filter, simply slide the ENVIROSEPT air cleaner into the old filter slot. Plug the 24-volt AC adapter into a nearby 110 volt standard electrical outlet. If it is necessary to pass the cord through a slot cut in or around the access door, electrical tape should be wrapped around the cord at the point of entry as protection. Once the air cleaner is mechanically installed, and the hook-up wire is connected to a power source, plug the power cord into the jack on the air cleaner, and observe that the light on the air cleaner comes ON.

Monthly Maintenance:
Your EnviroSept air cleaner should be inspected on a monthly basis to determine whether or not it is time to replace the collector pads. As the air cleaner is used, the disposable collector pads in the air cleaner will become embedded with dirt. The collector pads will normally have to be replaced every one to two months.

Replacing the Disposable Collector Pads:
Disconnect the power cord, remove the air cleaner from your heating/cooling system, and take the unit outside. Undo the two clips holding the air cleaner together and open like a book on a flat surface, removing the center screen. Notice that if the collector pads have changed from a snow-white color to a dirty gray or black, it is time to remove and discard the two collector pads. Brush any heavy dust accumulation from the outside screens with a soft cloth or the old pads. Insert two clean pads, making sure that they are well centered in the frame. Replace the center screen, close the air cleaner, and reposition the two clips, which hold the air cleaner together. Check that the two pads did not shift as you closed the air cleaner leaving gaps between the media pads and the edge of the air cleaner frame. Replace the air cleaner in you heating/cooling system, reconnect the power cord, and observe that the light is "ON".

General Notes:

  • When handling the air cleaner, hold it by the frame so you don’t dent the outside screens.
  • If the light is not "ON" when the air cleaner is connected, check your connections and power source.
  • Because of extremes in temperature and humidity, the air cleaner may arc (spark) when first installed. This is normal and presents no danger. It will quickly correct itself after the system fan has been on for a few minutes.
  • DO NOT attempt to clean the air cleaner by washing or immersing in water. If you wish to clean the air cleaner, you may gently wipe it with a soft cloth, which has been lightly sprayed with a household product such as 409 or Fantastic.