How An Air Purifier Improves Sleep

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What is the cost of a bad night’s sleep?

You might be thinking: drowsiness, inattentiveness, slower response times… but nothing an extra cup of coffee can’t cure, right?

Wrong.  Did you know that according to the National Sleep Foundation, humans are the only mammals that willingly postpone sleep? We have a lot to learn.

The effects of a bad night's sleep can last much longer than a single cup of coffee...or even two.

  • What about missing out on that next promotion because you zoned out in a few meetings, and when you came-to, everyone was looking at you. Expectantly. Earth to space cadet?
  • What about getting a "C-minus" on the final exam in school because you could never quite ignore the city noises, or the smell of smoke curling from under your roommate’s door every night, so paying attention in class became  but a mere pipe dream?

  • What about missing out on millions of dollars of lifetime earning potential because of your mediocre performance, due to lack of sleep? Okay, so maybe not millions of dollars, but certainly thousands, or even tens of thousands. In fact, World Economic Forum recently published an article regarding the link between sleep and poverty. Article.
  • What about those groggy mornings, the day after cleaning out the garage, when you struggle to get out of bed, but the baby needed feeding, the dog needed walking, and you promised your mother you’d help her pick out new lampshades to bead-dazzle; her new “retirement-hobby”.

When you start to connect the dots, you can see that sleep has a profound impact on your life,  and while being sleep deprived is a way of life for millions of Americans, most people don’t know what their sleep-loss is actually costing them.

All humor aside, it is clear that a good night’s sleep is essential for both successful academic performance, for successful career performance, and for a full and happy home-life.


Countless studies prove that sleep is valuable.

  • Sleep helps with concentration.
          1. No amount of coffee will make your engine run at 100% after a poor night’s sleep. This study shows that stimulants can’t fully restore your higher cognitive abilities, like creativity. Source.
  • Sleep helps to reduce depression
        1. Nearly 30% of Americans suffer from depression. A good night’s sleep is highly and regularly recommended as treatment, because sleep is necessary for regenerating the body both mentally and physically. Source.
  • Sleep is correlated with higher academic performance.
            1. It’s no surprise that those who sleep better perform better, and the study below, featured in an article by The Daily Titan, finds a strong correlation between the long-hours of rigorous academia and the long-term, overall performance of students who achieved the recommended amount of sleep. Case Study.


    Allergies, asthma, and dust interfere with sleep.

    Ugh. Congestion, stuffy nose, itchy throat, watery eyes, sneezing, sinus headaches, and shortness of breath; any one of these symptoms is enough to ruin your night. You go to sleep wheezing, and wake up to a nose like Niagara Falls that no amount of Kleenex can dam, and a splitting headache that makes you question whether secret agents gave you a lobotomy in the middle of the night, and maybe now you have the power of telekinesis. Because at least that would be worth it. So you slog out of bed and are disappointed to find that, no, you can’t move your toothbrush with your mind, and “I have allergies” is not a sufficient enough reason to warrant a doctor’s note.

    Ask any allergy sufferer, and there will be no question that allergies have negatively affected their sleep some way, somehow. Academic studies are conclusive, as well, and here’s the consensus: Night time congestion contributes to daytime fatigue.  Source.


    Air Purifiers help with allergies and congestion.

    Air purifiers are specifically designed to remove particles from the air such as pollen, mold, dust, smoke, odor and dander.  This makes them an excellent and non-invasive treatment for allergies and night time congestion, as well as unpleasant odors that may be keeping you up at night.

    When customers ask us where to put their first air purifier, we always say “in the bedroom” because this is where you spend more time of the day than anywhere else, and we’re happy when you’re happy.  

    When you place an air purifier in your bedroom, we know that you will sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed because you are removing the allergens that making you miserable at night.


    Many Air Purifiers are designed specifically for sleeping.

    While most people recognize that air purifiers remove allergens, they don’t know that air purifiers also help you sleep in several other ways:


    A soothing sound drowns out outside noises that wake you up.

    Millions of people already sleep with fans and noise makers in their bedroom.  This is because a steady sound helps to drown out the outside noises that can make it hard to fall asleep and that wake you up at night.


    Many of our customers quickly replace their bedroom fan noise with the soothing sound of an air purifier which has the added benefit of circulating clean, pure air around the room.


    Pink noise is scientifically better for sleeping than white noise

    When it comes to sleeping with a steady background noise, some sounds are scientifically better than others.  White noise is the sound of TV static. It has high pitches and low pitches all mixed together. It drowns out other sounds but it is often considered to be irritating.


    Pink noise, on the other hand, eliminates the high pitches and retains only the lowest level sounds.  These tones are heard as soothing and relaxing, much like the sound of a cat purring.  They will help lull you to sleep and keep you asleep.


    One study indicated that participants slept up to 25% better by listening to pink noise instead of white noise.


    Pink Noise Air Purifiers

    Some air purifiers we carry are specifically designed to produce pink noise, which makes them ideal for use in the bedroom.


    Alen BreatheSmart


    Alen BreatheSmart FIT50


    For a full list of air purifiers that produce a soothing sound while cleaning the air, see our best air purifiers for the bedroom.


    Don’t let allergies keep you from achieving your potential

    We’ve seen that poor sleep affects performance in daily life, and we’ve touched on how allergies and congestion affect sleep, so we took the liberty of concluding that a bedroom air purifier is the ideal treatment to address both of these concerns together.  


    Air purifiers are non-invasive and work quietly in the background, which makes them a perfect addition to any other treatment you may already be using.  However, with an air purifier in the bedroom, we wholly expect your reliance on other treatments to go down, and your quality of sleep –and of life– to improve.