How to Keep Your Air Clean - 10 Tips

10 tips for cleaner air


Choose eco-friendly paint

Today, most brands also carry a "non-VOC" line of paint. According to Apartment Therapy, this means that the paint contains less then 5 grams/liter of VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds. VOCs are a prime source of indoor air pollution that can slowly off-gas for years to come. Be careful, though, because not all non-VOC paints are created equally.

Have an older house, with older paint? Check out our selection of air purifiers expressly for removing off-gassing VOCs from your air.

Air Purifiers for VOCs



Change your HVAC filters on schedule

Your HVAC filter, while not a replacement for a good air purifier because of their much lower filtering capabilities, is your first line of defense in removing particles from your air. Regular changes not only will help you keep a cleaner interior, but also help decrease the load on your air conditioning system, saving energy and wear.

Pro-Tip: Subscribe to an autoship program for your HVAC filters. Not only can you usually save money with these programs, but the arrival of your filters will also remind you to change them.


Keep your home clutter-free and keep dust at bay

We know. It's easy to SAY keep things clutter-free, and much harder to do. Use it as a point of motivation, though, knowing that keeping things tidy is a great way to keep your air cleaner.


Choose your cleaning products wisely

With the wide proliferation of "green" cleaning products, you have a lot of great, air-friendly products to choose from. 

If in doubt, you can you always use a mild vinegar and water solution to disinfect almost any surface, or a mild solution of castile soap and water for stone surfaces that are not vinegar-friendly.


Keep to a regular cleaning schedule 

A surprising amount of dust, dander, pollen and other nasties are kicked up from the carpet and floors of our home as we go about our daily lives. Thorough vacuuming, dusting and mopping helps keep the particle count down.


Ventilate your home by opening windows

Is fresh indoor air as simple as opening your windows? Well, not always, but regular ventilation does play a big part in getting trapped pollutants out. In fact, with a good cross breeze, the average home can be aired out in under 20 minutes. Close those windows again if it's allergy season and let your air purifiers go to work.

Air Purifiers for Allergies


Get an air purifier with an automatic setting

We love the Alen BreatheSmart, which keeps track of ambient particles and changes the fan speed appropriately. This kind of automatic setting is not only great for keeping your house clean, but also for keeping your energy bill lower. Let your air purifier do the hard work whether your at home or away.

Alen BreatheSmart


Get houseplants: they clean the air and serve as great decorations 

Those houseplants aren't simply for show; they also act as slow air filters themselves, especially in converting carbon dioxide back into oxygen. Good for you, good for the planet.


Regularly check for signs of mold and water damage

While a good air purifier can help you remove mold from the air, it is really important to also make sure you stop mold before it can take hold in your home. Check under sinks and cabinets, around your hot water heater and other spots where you might develop leaks.


Leave your shoes at the door

We left our simplest tip for last. Just leaving your shoes at the door can make a significant impact on the amount of allergens you welcome into your home because your shoes bring unwanted pollutants like pollen and mold inside with you. Want to take it a step further? If it's an extreme allergy season, considering changing clothes and showering immediately after you get home, to really put a stop to spreading outdoor allergens inside your home.

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