Remove Cat Urine and Litter Box Odors

Kitty Odor Control

We all love cats.  The furrier, the cuter, the better… even the ugly ones are lovable!   But one cat accessory that everyone could do without is the litter box. Whether you’re cleaning it 5 times a day to keep the odor down, or you forget about it until the smell knocks you off your feet, cute kitties can produce a lot of unpleasant odors.

We’ve outlined a number of ways to help keep control of your kitty odor (including a brand new air purifier solution), so that you can love your furry friend even more.

The Secret to Finding Pet Accidents

Mistakes happen. We don’t blame Fluffles, but occasionally she misses the mark. Bad aim and missing the litterbox, or a total malfunction, and going in some random spot on the carpet on the other end of the house.  

What do you do when your cat has missed the box, but you don’t quite know where? Walk around the house sniffing and smelling? There's an easier way:


  • Use a Black Light Flashlight- The easiest way to locate a lost cat pee spot is with a high powered black-light flashlight.  Black lights emit light a specific wavelength that will actually make the urine glow!   Turn off the lights, and walk around with your flashlight.  Like an episode of CSI, you’ll easily locate the eery evidence left behind in your kitty-crime-scene whether on carpet, wood, or around the litter box.  
A Black Light Flashlight illuminating pet spots on the carpet. 

    How To Remove Pet Spots

    Once you’ve identified where your kitty has missed the mark, you can use a number of over the counter pet cleaning products to spot clean. There are also a wide array of home remedy solutions and commercial sprays that work to neutralize the the odors contained in the pet spots. 

    Eliminate Odors, Don’t Mask Them

    Even though you’ve found and removed any pet spots, you’re still going to encounter litter box odors on a near daily basis. How long do you want to live your life rushing to scoop the litterbox every time your cat does its business?

    There are countless products meant to help combat and reduce litter box odors. These include sprays, shake-on powders, scented cat litter, and even enclosed litter boxes. However, no matter what you use, lingering odor is always an issue. This is because none of these solutions directly eliminate the odor. They only attempt to mask it. And if your kitty doesn’t cover their business as soon as they are done, their little present can give off a stinky odor for hours until you are able to scoop it away.   

    Introducing, a New Solution

    Don’t just mask the odors in your air, or let them diffuse throughout the house.  Eliminate them with the new Alen Fur Family Air Purifier Bundle. 

    Alen T500 Fur Family Bundle

    The Alen Fur Family is the first air purifier/filter combination designed to neutralize (not just cover up) unpleasant litter box odors.  This air purifier is superior to the alternatives because the patented powder in their filters is designed to react with and eliminate the chemicals found in cat urine and poop odors. Other air purifiers use activated carbon to remove odors, but activated carbon is not very effective on the specific chemicals that are found in pet odors.

    The Alen Fur Family filters can remove:

    • litterbox smell
    • urine smell
    • poop smell
    • smell from accidents outside of the box.

    What's more, is that this filter also provides the allergen and dust capturing power that we've come to expect from Alen. Less odor AND relief from dander, pollen or whatever allergens might be bothering you. That's a pretty big win. 

    The bundle also comes with an additional filter at a discount, so you get twice the filter life for a great price. 

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