See How Allergens Pile Up In the Winter

Winter is coming.  And while there may be a lot on your mind, we know the last thing you’re probably thinking about is the quality of your indoor air.  But the dust, allergens and cold weather are all gathering for an upcoming attack. Are you equipped to fend off the barrage on your health and senses that winter brings with it?

What's in YOUR Indoor Air?


You’re Not Alone Indoors

When you bundle up indoors to stay warm and avoid all outside contact for months on end, you’re not alone.  There is something else sharing that warm cozy space with you: Allergens.

We say it frequently: The EPA Warns that your indoor air can be 2-5 times worse than outdoor air.  That is never more true than in the winter. 

Common causes of irritation in the winter

While the cold weather brings relief from fall pollens, it also means that windows tend to stay closed, and doors get opened less frequently.  This contributes to a decline in the quality of your indoor air. There are many other causes including:

  • Pets spending more time indoors
  • Your furnace coming on and recirculating old allergens.
  • Closed windows prevent fresh air from coming in.
  • Extremely dry air that irritates your sinuses
  • Running humidifiers too long, promoting mold growth.
  • Bringing outdoor plants indoors can bring in bugs, allergens, and mold.
  • Some plants produce toxins, artificial plants may be a safer bet
  • Dust mites can pile up on clothes and in the bed

An air purifier can help with many common allergens

Since you can’t open your windows to freshen your air, an air purifier is the next best choice.  Air purifiers are designed specifically to filter out all sorts of microscopic allergens such as dust, mold, dust mites, and any pollen that may be lingering in your vents from earlier in the year.

Great for Allergens and Chemicals Indoors

Units that resolve allergies in the spring and fall will do an excellent job at removing allergens that pile up in the winter.In addition, if you have chemical or odor issues that you are trapped indoors with during the winter, see our air purifiers for chemicals.

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