What Can We Do to Fight Climate Change?

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The Full Impact

If you’ve followed our series so far, you’ve see how significant of an impact climate change actually has on your daily life.  But with the hundreds of other priorities going on in your life, how can you make a difference?  You can’t worry about everything, and you can’t afford to take up all ten thousand causes and requests for donations that come your way, even if they are worth supporting.   

So why make an effort on climate change?  Because it directly affects you, and the ones you love.


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What Can You Do?

It’s easy to shrug this one off and move on with your life. We all do it subconsciously when we see someone saying “save the planet!”. But when you stop to think about it, they should really be saying “save the people!”.  In the grand scheme of things, the planet will be around for quite awhile, but it is ultimately ourselves who need to be rescued from climate change!

So until we realize that we are directly affected, and that we also have the ability to make a positive difference, we’ll continue to go down the same road.  We’ll continue to suffer the consequences of decisions made by prior generations, and the generations after us will be affected by the decisions we make today.  

Don’t let your loved ones that come after you have the same fate. There are many ways to make a difference that don’t take much effort, but they can have a real impact.

Here are some simple steps you can take.

  1. Learn all about it: If you’ve kept up with our infographic series, “State of the Ozone”, you’re already well on your way to checking this first step to fighting climate change off the list!
  2. Changes starts at home: At home, you can switch out your light bulbs for energy efficient bulbs, seal and insulate your home, start an at-home recycling system (and compost food and yard waste) reduce your water waste, and use green power, such as solar panels.
  3. Get green at work: Go green at work! Ask your company to set up a recycling and reuse system in the coffee room. Save energy by turning off lights in the conference room when not in use, use EnergyStar equipment, and set your computer to sleep or shut down when it’s not in use.
  4. The Buddy System: When you’re travelling, whether on vacation, to work, or to the post office, try to use public transportation, bike, walk, carpool or telecommute instead of driving. You can get fit, make new friends or stay in your PJ’s and save the planet at the same time! Nifty, right?
  5. Tell all about it: Finally, you can make a huge impact on climate change by sharing with others what you’ve learned. Share these infographics on social media to help us spread the word!

Most of these tips take minimal effort to adhere to.  Some are a little more work, but it will be worth it in the end if we all chip in!

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