What Your Pets Think

What Your Pets Thing

Pets Do the Darndest Things

I'll admit, sometimes the things that pets do just flat confuse me. You ever look at the puddle on the floor, the chewed strap and heel of your favorite pair of pumps, or the clawed arm of your new sofa and ask your pet, "What on earth were you THINKING?!" Yeah, me too.

Pets can baffle on a daily basis. Is it instinctive, ingrained behavior? Does every cat or dog do these laughable (cry-able?) things? I did a little bit of digging into a few of the odder behaviors, and compiled a small list of things that our furry friends do to that are great, not so great, and just plain weird.

And since I work with air purifiers day in and day out, I added a couple of recommendations, too, for how an air purifier might make your life with your pets even better. Enjoy!

The Good

The Good

1.  One reason cat owners love their agile fur children is because cats are notoriously clean. They lick themselves clean, something they were taught by mom as kittens. But when your cat licks your face and hair, they're not saying "Hey, you! Go jump in the shower!" Instead, it's their way of showing the same love and caring that they received from their mother. Good to know that your cat loves you like family.

2. Cats purr when they're being petted, but sometimes they also massage, or "knead" as another way to show contentment. Free abdominal massage anyone?

3. When dogs "mark their territory" it's not exactly sanitary. Cats, on the other hand, claim their space in by rubbing against it. Since cats have scent glands in various spots over their body, they are claiming you as "theirs" when they rub against your ankles.  Same goes for the TV stand, your couch, and your doorways. Enjoy this instinctive habit, cat owners!

4. Ever wonder if your dog wags his tail when he's home alone? (I did!) The answer is "probably not". Wagging is a way for your dog to communicate his mood to you and others: a slow tempo with a U-shaped tail is likely happiness and contentment. A tighter, more curled J-shape and a quicker, more jerky tempo can indicate aggression, high alert or excitement. Watch out for that shape, because a wag, especially if accompanied by a growl, can mean more than one thing.

5. When dogs "kiss" or lick your face, it is a show of submission, demonstrating that you are their alpha. Sometimes however, licking a spot repeatedly can be a sign of injury, so pay close attention to the message!

The Bad

The Bad

1. When your pet starts pilfering your personal bling, think of it as a plea for attention. Dogs and cats alike can stow away your jewelry and other accessories because they miss you. Dogs also practice this behavior as a throwback to the old days when they weren't guaranteed food, so they stored excess for a rainy day. Is that where your other sock went?

2. You're not the only one left befuddled when both cats and dogs scratch at your freshly varnished hardwood as though trying to dig their way to China. This is another holdover from the wild days when your pets had to bury extra food and resources for later.

3. Some dogs roll around in smelly substances and then prance around the house as if they want to share the love. While for us, this is NOT perfume, a dogs' senses of smell is very different from ours. What is repulsive to us, smells like roses to them. Additionally, we can once again go back to their ancestry.  When they were predators that had to live by guile and strength, wild dogs had to mask their scent to more efficiently stalk their prey. Stinky smells were their version of a cammo suit.

Air Purifier Pro-Tip

If you're not interested in letting those odors pile up in your home (you do feed your dog, after all!), take a look at our line of air purifiers for odors. It's a simple way to enjoy your pets even more. Look for the options with activated carbon OR specialized odor neutralizing additives for best results!

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The Ugly

The Not-So-Cute

1. Has your dog ever left you "gifts" like dead birds at your feet? Good news! It's a way to both show love and to show that you are their alpha. It is their way of saying: You get first dibs on this tasty treat! Seriously, enjoy the love, if not the vehicle of the love.

2. So you've noticed your dog licking his...nether region. Dogs lick themselves as a way to maintain personal hygiene, given their lack of opposable thumbs, their best option is their amazingly adapted tongue. The particular focus on their private regions is because the area is particularly susceptive to infection, so this is their way of taking precaution. Remember, it's not gross, it's sanitary.

3. Some people (you know who they are), come within 10 feet of your cat and start sneezing, sniffling and rubbing their eyes. Interestingly enough, it's not always just the cat's fur or dander that they are allergic to; it's the saliva. Cat saliva, when transferred to the fur through your cat's constant grooming, becomes airborne as your cat sheds, and it's this added bonus that many people are allergic to. Science!

Air Purifier Pro-Tip

Fortunately, air purifiers really are great help when it comes to dealing with pet related allergies. Whether it's the dander, the fur OR the saliva, we have a number of units that we recommend that will make a big difference. Make sure you get a unit (or units) that covers the amount of space that your pet has access, to. Pets roam, and their allergens go with them, so you'll want to get full coverage to get the best results. 

Air Purifiers for Pet Allergies


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