sneezing womenProtecting your home with an air purifier for allergies is a smart investment. Allergy suffering is so common, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology names allergic diseases as the sixth largest cause of chronic illnesses in the United States. This means about half of American households have at least one allergy sufferer.

The Best Defense: An Air Purifier for Allergies

With your immune system defending your body from allergens, your immune system can be weakened. It could potentially fail in protecting you from actual threats such as bacteria or viruses. That is where an air purifier for allergies comes into play; it is like an immune system for your home. Repeated or frequent exposure to allergens and pollutants can also worsen a variety of health conditions. For example, recurrent allergy symptoms could lead to the development of asthma with increased or repeated exposures to allergens. According to the American Lung Association, conditions that worsen into lung diseases take the lives of 1 out of 7. With an air purifier for allergies, your home and indoor air quality is protected each and every day.

Air Purifiers America recommends utilizing an air purifier for allergies to improve indoor air quality. We recommend a top rated air purifier for allergies that features HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) type filter technology, which is proven to be the most effective air filtering technology available.

If you want to breathe easier and improve the air inside your home, consider using an air purifier for allergies. Learn more about the specific features and health advantages that HEPA style air filters can offer, and why they are the top rated air purifiers for allergies on the market. Check out our #1 rated air purifier for allergies, so you can start breathing better today.

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