How It Works

The Winix FresHome Model P300 True HEPA Air Cleaner with FresHome PlasmaWave 
Technology uses a three-stage filtration process.

 Air first passes through an odor-absorbing carbon pre-filter designed to capture large particles, which is also coated  with CleanCel® to neutralize germs and bacteria. After the bigger particles are removed, air passes through the True  HEPA filter which filters pet dander, pollen, and allergens out of the air.

Finally, PlasmaWave Technology breaks apart odors, chemical vapors, and pollutants at the molecular level without producing harmful ozone. In a fraction of a second, PlasmaWave combines with naturally occurring water molecules in the air to create billions of Hydroxyl Radical molecules (OH). OH is an unstable molecule that seeks equilibrium by stealing hydrogen atoms from adjacent molecules containing hydrogen (the pollutants), tehereby reforming them into harmless molecules of water, carbon dioxide, and other acceptable molecules. The result is a measurable reduction of pollutants after the air passes through the Plasma Generator. The technology is harmless and the OH molecule only lives for a nanosecond while it reforms surrounding molecules. Most importantly – unlike old-style ion technology – PlasmaWave does not produce high levels of ozone as a by-product. Read more on Winix’s FresHome P300 HEPA Air Purifier fact sheet.

Additional Features

This is a great solution for people concerned with household odors and germs. While the HEPA filter captures allergens, the pre-filter and PlasmaWave technology both attack bacteria, odors, and gases in the air. The Winix FresHome P300 Air Cleaner has an auto mode which responds to the air quality sensed by its automatic air quality sensor. It features an electronic display, light sensor, replace filter indicator, timer, and sleep mode function.

Filter Changes

There are two separate filters that need to be changed: The True HEPA Filter and the Carbon Pre-Filter. The Carbon Filter should be changed every 3 months in a simple process that requires no tools. The True HEPA Filter should be changed when the Check Filter Indicator is illuminated, approximFresHome P150 Filter Removalately once a year with regular use using a similar process. Simply unplug the air purifier, gently pull the bottom of the front panel to remove it, and pull out the old filter. Insert new panel and return the front panel onto the unit (for more specific instructions see Owner’s Manual). The Check Filter Indicator can be reset by placing the tip of a paperclip in the RESET FILTER hole for a few seconds. It will take about 3-4 minutes for the Air Quality sensor to re-calibrate.

Air Flow and Positioning

Place the Winix FresHome P300 Air Purifier on a level surface. The air purifier pulls air in from the sides and sends clean air out from the top. Place the air purifier two feet from walls, furniture, curtains, and other home items that might block the airflow.

What’s In The Box


  • Size: 21.7″ Height x 16.3″ Width x 10.4″ Deep
  • Weight: 13.95 lbs

Filters & Accessories